Salad Expertise

Uncompromising quality from our own production

We are specialists in salad cultivation and sales and produce exclusively for the food processing industry. This was a very conscious decision. By specialising in fresh convenience salads, we can supply our customers with precisely the product that meets their needs. Our lettuces and baby leaves are harvested according to the desired specifications with consistent top quality, in the quantity ordered, at the agreed price and time. Fresh, healthy and available in more than 40 different varieties.

Transparency & Relilability

Your partner at eye level

Its large-scale cultivation areas, modern cold stores and logistics centres in Spain and Italy make Rizzi one of the most modern salad producers in Europe. Our customers are professional buyers from the fresh cut industry. And we are professionals in salad production. Our collaboration is characterised by the highest level of professionalism and a reliable partnership. Our long-term goal is to be flexible with regard to changing requirements and to work in a resource-saving, cost-efficient manner by implementing innovative solutions to achieve optimal quality. These are advantages which our customers can also benefit from.

Responsibility & Passion

Passion for agriculture

We love what we do and are proud of our energetic team and products. By following the entire production process right through to the shipping stage, we are able to score points thanks to short distances and a transparent supply chain: sowing, growth and cultivation, quality control on the land, harvest, storage, quality control in the warehouse, refrigeration logistics, packaging and labelling, documentation and loading – not only do we keep an eye on all of this, we are responsible for it.