Fresh, healthy and exactly the way you like them

Lettuces & baby leaves for fresh convenience

The special thing about our salads is that they are produced exclusively for the fresh cut industry and as a result have the relevant physiological properties. Thanks to our two locations, we guarantee you delivery and planning reliability all year round. You will receive what you order in the agreed quantity at the agreed price and at the agreed time. We give you our word on that.

Growing salad is our passion

This passion combined with expertise, ideal growing conditions and the courage to innovate, enables us to cultivate different types of lettuce as well as other salad specialities. The efficient and careful use of resources is a matter of course for us. In this way, we offer our food industry customers a large range of products including more than 40 different varieties of salad and baby leaves. As well as always being carefully harvested and stored, these are of consistently high quality and maximum freshness with a good shelf life and are stress-resistance tested for further processing.

Our salads from Spain

Fertile land for lettuces
Growing area: Murcia region, Spain

Freshness and shelf life:
Rizzi’s high quality salads.

Our baby leaves from Italy

Our growing region for baby leaves
Growing area: Sele Plain, Italy

Variety and taste:
Rizzi’s fine baby leaf varieties