We are salad specialists

We grow around 40 types of salad in our agricultural areas in Spain and Italy exactly how you like them. Our strength is focusing on the food processing industry and the associated requirements relating to quality, consistency and shelf life. We also stand for guaranteed deliveries and offer our customers maximum planning reliability all year round.

Fresh from the field

Those who opt for their own production have everything under control: from sowing and harvesting to quality control, storage and shipping.

That is why we produce premium salads ourselves and are able to offer both flexibility and reliability in responding to the wishes and requirements of our fresh convenience customers. We always strive towards further development and innovation and in particular towards resource-saving and cost-efficient salad production with optimal quality.

1,490 hectares
1,400 hectares in Spain
90 hectares in Italy

Lettuces & baby leaves

Our salads are true top performers

The special thing about our salads is that they are produced exclusively for the fresh cut industry and as a result have the relevant physiological properties. We place a great deal of importance on our customers' product specifications and consistently bring the salad harvest in line with these. The result is always stress-resistant salads of the highest quality, which also meet all of our customers' desired criteria. We achieve all of this by managing and monitoring the entire production, warehouse and logistics processes on site.

Our production sites
Your planning reliability


Fertile land for lettuces

The Murcia region is the ideal area in which to grow our salads. Here we cultivate a variety of different lettuces on open fields covering an area of 1,400 hectares. Our portfolio consists of more than 40 different types of salad: from Apollo to Curly Endive, Romaine, Lollo rosso (red) and Iceberg to name but a few. In the immediate vicinity of our fields, we operate our warehouse with cold storage cells and modern vacuum cooling.


Our growing region for baby leaves

We have chosen the Sele Plain near Salerno as the ideal growing area for our baby leaves given its decades long tradition in baby leaf production. Since these are more delicate plants, we rely on protected cultivation (tunnel). Our diverse salad crops thrive on an area spanning 90 hectares and are carefully picked using a harvester then immediately stored, packed and vacuum-cooled.

About Rizzi

Passion for agriculture

We are salad producers for the fresh cut food processing industry in Europe. Our teams in Spain and Italy are made up of specialist farmers, harvest hands, researchers, quality controllers, logistics experts and administrative staff. Together we produce and deliver premium salads exclusively tailored to our customers’ requirements. Rizzi stands for first-class service, a trusting partnership and above all for uncompromising food safety as well as delivery and planning reliability.